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Honorable Discharge Personality Disorder

The Secretary of Defense issue a directive creating a presumption in favor of changing the reason for discharge from personality disorder to "Completion of Service" in cases where the victim.

The DD-214 will list the discharge as honorable unless an entry level separation is required. However, the DD-214 will also list the separation authority as "AR 635-200, PARA 5-13" which a future employer, landlord, or anyone who reviews your DD-214 can look up to see this chapter is a separation for personality disorder.

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I waived a board at discharge and now I would like to upgrade to a discharge that will allow me use of the VA benefits as if I had an Honorable Discharge. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Type 1 and I was given a psych evaluation in the Marine Corps by a military doctor and results were found to be, a personality disorder.

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This discharge has essentially taken the place of personality disorder discharge. For decades, commands used that discharge to get rid of unwanted servicemembers – those whose complaints, non-conformity or medical problems made them trouble for their commands.

(b) If the character of discharge is not honorable and there is any indication of a conditional discharge such as reenlistment, development is required before a claim may be denied. Ask the veteran if he or she has proof of an honorable discharge at an earlier point in [ ] service, and send a VA Form 21-3101 to the Service Department.

Her second period of active duty service in the U.S. Navy from January to November 2000 was under honorable conditions, but she received a general discharge because of a personality disorder diagnosed during this subsequent period of service that was manifested by suicidal ideation and a general inability to perform her duties satisfactorily.

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Physical or mental conditions like chronic sea/air sickness, bed wetting, personality disorder. Disability, which usually result in an Honorable or Entry Level Separtion Minority enlistment for a member under the age of 17. Erroneous enlistment or fraudulent entry